Hello! Thanks for the interest in my prints! Really appreciate all the support as it allows me to continue on creating pieces for myself and anyone interested in my work :)!

As each new Set is released, previous Buyers will receive email notice and be given 3 days to place pre-orders before released to general public :).

(Available Sets Listed Below!)

General Information to Include when Purchasing Pre-Orders!

(Due to High Volume of Orders I will not be chasing you for the following information so please include it)

- Print Name(s)

- Full Address

Please Contact -     TMNTportraits@gmail.com

All Shipping within the United States is $8 + $1 for each additional print. All United States shipments are sent Priority Mail.

All International Shipping is $15 + $1 for each additional print.

Please allow 3-4 weeks from initial Pre-Order Announcement for Shipments. I am doing this all on my own so it takes a while to get the entire Order list together and pack/ship everything.

I use PayPal for all transactions - You can pay with a Debit/Credit Card on paypal by going to Send Money - Send Money Online.

Below are the Sets Currently Available for Pre-Order!