Sunday, August 2, 2009

Into the fire!

Got a ton of work done today and I feel way too good right now. I made a decision the other day that I was done bullshitting myself. As in I always think back to a few months ago(more like 4 months ago) when I used to study every morning. Since then I have received better and better work and have been filling out my schedule. In my mind I think I can't make time for both, I sometimes tell myself that so much that I actually believe it haha. When I really just sat down and thought through it all I realized what I'd really been doing... Which is slowing my life down to a halt. Not that I don't think I have improved but the fact that I could have been making crazy progress had I never just stopped. Today was the first day in a long time that I did loomis studies in the morning. Afterwards I felt great! So much so that I got more work done than the days I jumped right into client work.  Before today I'd been telling myself this was something I had to do, so when I didn't I felt really crappy. Its weird, I've been telling myself how I had no time but because I hadn't done it I was just killing my drive. The feeling that I'm not improving and watching everybody else improve was what was killing my motivation. But all of that is officially over now! Never will I screw up like this again :D! Its all about the fundamentals now...

Anyways, I'm energized and ready to really push myself harder than ever.

Heres a Goblin dude from tonight :D!

this is how i feel now -


capprotti said...

Dave man... Couldn't have said it better myself! You hit every nail on the head. Doing the studies is really motivating and all the gears are greased and ready to go when you jump into the job. I'm really glad you sad what you said. You really made me realize how much harder I should be working to improve right now. I also know EXACTLY what you mean about watching everyone else around you improving. Shiiiiit. Good rant man, very inspiring.


rapozaart said...

Yea, it really takes just being honest with yourself I guess. I talk about doin the study shit so much that when I don't its like instant dissapointment and lack of drive. Also after having screwed up like that every morning for months I've gotten slower. Like there was a huge weight on my shoulders. Because I put it off so much I made it seem like studying was this big ordeal that would take so much time to get back into... but in reality its the complete opposite. The studies are what give you motivation because you know you've at least learned something if nothing else gets done.

Anyways, yes. I need to think more about what I do so I can keep furtherin myself haha. Rants are the best <3

Andrew doma said...

dude...its just one of those things where I read it and I get what you're saying but its also a total groan moment. LIke...shit...I guess he's got a fricken point haha. It just seems for me like I'm at an uphill battle, trying to fit everything in, like my work, social life, friends and after all of it I'm just so tired. But I guess you just now have helped me come to a revelation. I'm 24 now, and it's time to cut the bullshit. I've got to just buckle down and set my priorities straight and commit myself to what I know I need to know. And you helped me see that. Thanks man, for that swift kick in the rear end. Good luck with everything!