Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just finished up another LiveStream!

Just a real quick dump here! Finished my LiveStream :D! Good 3 hours, had a lot of fun! I'm hoping to do these every monday so keep an eye out.

Anyways, as promised, heres the download to the psd of the Zombie I did tonight! All seperated layers!

Click here for the PSD Download!!!!!!

Big thanks to Johnny Fowle(jfowle) for the host!

if not I'll try and find a place tomorrow, too tired now D:

Thanks for watchin everybody!

Exciter! Violence and Force


Ryoseth said...

excellent stream Dave.
nice of you to post your asset from the evening.
If you needed a suggestion, i do believe that Deviantart allows you to upload a .psd file, or even a .zip file.
I've done it before for line-arts and such.
That'd probably be the most easily accessible to a lot of people.

take care! :D

daarken said...

awesome demo! thanks for the psd file :)

rapozaart said...

Thanks man, glad you liked it!

rapozaart said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Got a guy to host it for me though :D

@xartez said...

Great idea, dave! Awesome work as always... Congratulations, dude!

rapozaart said...

Glad you like it :D, thanks!

Chrysshart said...

Are you going to do speed-paints or something similar with your livestreamed pieces? Due to bandwidth limits, i can't watch livestreams during the day :( and I'd absolutely love to watch. I've learned so much from your speed paints and other tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing!

geo said...

i enjoyed the live stream. keep up the good work.

Galgenvogel said...

I missed it :(

But gratz for the Mignolia Original

rapozaart said...

Thanks man!

rapozaart said...

ooohhh, already got you with the livestream re-watch action :D! Really happy to help!

rapozaart said...

Thanks a lot, you can always rewatch the LiveStream by going to my livestream page and clicking "on-demand". Therse a couple up there :). They range like 1-4 hours D: