All the things I've done since Feb, at least what I can show

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Hello! Haven't been updating this at all this year. I should probably remedy that now! After a long extended period of nothing but freelance I have recently been taking time out to work on a lot of personal projects. Really been enjoying myself quite a bit working on 'StarVeil' my comic, 'Skull and Shark' another comic written by Daniel Warren and myself as well as a lot of random other side projects :).

Heres some of what I've been doing this year!


StarVeil - Nebula 1 &2

Short Metroid Animation I created!

My Black Witch project!(the painted animal pictures! )

Some client work -

Last Man Standing - Skull & Shark inspired image for Dan Luvisi's rerelease of LMS - Killbook of a Bounty Hunter


A series of X-Men images I created for fun!

Way more on my tumblr and facebook pages!


Mark Brady said...

Wicked! More trailers, bro!

jake gumbleton said...

I am so loving your star veil stuff Dave. Really fresh :)

Colin Michael Ashcroft said...

The Appilbot image,!!. Love the contrast between the detailed armour/smooth pearl like skin and of course the bats!

Moe Murdock said...'re my hero. Also I can't stop watching Skull and Shark (the teaser) and also...I can't stop listening to LazerHawk on Soundcloud!

Marko Dj said...

Nice work man!