Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Been awhile!

Heres some work! old to new!


  1. Your work is amazing and when I'm looking at it, i want to spend hours on drawing to get up to your level.
    People like you are my inspiration ...
    But please tell me, were you always that gifted? Or did you train hard to become that good?
    I often spend hours on drawing, but somehow there's no evolution ... sometimes I'm afraid and think drawing and concept art isn't my way, but when I see your stuff i feel that this is exactly what I want to do and this gives me motivation.
    Oh and sorry for my strange english ^^


  2. well you can check my older blog to see where I was at a year or so ago http://davidrapoza.blogspot.com/ . Anybody can get to whatever level of art they like... All you have to do is work hard at it and study smart. Heres a link to my schedule for example: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v403/MrDelicious/Artwork/schedule2.jpg You just have to stay dedicated and focused on what you want out of all the hard work. I'd recommend starting a sketchbook thread on conceptart.org and start posting all of your studies for people to help you along. Just know what you want and work hard at it. With enough effort you'll get there, everybody who puts in the work will get there.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I'm going to start a thread at conceptart.org this week (well I hope so, I actually hate showing my low skills ^^)
    And oh my god, you really live with this schedule? O.O
    No wonder you improve that fast ...
    Thanks, and bye
    Sarkys :)

  4. yeah! your work makes my head spin! thx for sharing and thx for sharing your schedule man! you are one hell of an inspiration! keep rockin!

  5. dude!!!! Your work is crazy awesome! Everything from your drawings, designs to your render is top notch. I am definitely linking your blog. Awesome work

  6. Hey, Dave! Awesome studies, man. Where do you get the nice refs of the girls and the MMA dudes?