Thursday, June 25, 2009


No art today... yet.  Almost done with a piece I've been workin on for a client. Should be posting it later on :).

Wanted to link to a cool update my brother just wrote about self motivation. Although he talks about this in terms of getting in shape and feeling better about life... It applies to everything in life you strive for :). We had a long cool talk last night about all this and he summed it up pretty well.

Check it out:


Eric Braddock said...

Can't wait to see the new piece, man!

Colin DeCarmo said...

Great article. I haven't read it all yet but it really is quite insightful. Hope your new piece rocks as much as your last few!

rapozaart said...

thanks! Yea, I thought it was a cool article. Hope he keeps me updated :D!

rapozaart said...

well its nothin crazy, but just posted!