Saturday, July 4, 2009

All Moved In!

Just finished movin in to the new place! Its awesome and huge. Lovin the studio space.... I'll post some pictures later because I'm pumped about it. Just started workin on my contract stuff in full force today :). Busted out all the thumbnails today, all colorful and everything. Mmmmmmmm... Looking forward to rendering em out. Wish I could share what I've been doin for freelance D:. Just got the final cover layout from a book cover I did a month ago. Looks cool and I'm excited to see it in print :D! Hopefully I can show relatively soon... Other than that I'm looking to get a puppy, some sort of great pyraneese/chow or just anything thats cute. wooooooo, productive puppy filled month heeerrreeeee I come D:!

annnnnnddddd, been listenin to a lot of Grim Reaper haha


reau said...

Dude I've been listening to Grim Reaper and Angel Witch almost exclusively for about a week now.

rapozaart said...

awesome, Grim Reaper is awesome. Angel Witch is good too, I've been playin them and Venom a lot

Andrew doma said...

haha shit that song was awesome