Monday, August 17, 2009

New Video Process!

Stayed up a little later so that I could do something for myself. I have a lot of work left to do this week... A LOT! But I'll be able to get it all done easy enough. Gets rough though when my mind tries to tell me theres no time haha. I keep having to go through the steps of each piece in my head so that I don't go crazy thinking of them all at once! Wont take as long as usual at least now that I'm hangin up here by myself. I've been eatin bad and missin all physical activities hahaha, not good for the mind or body! I'm hoping that I'll be able to sleep 6 hours and have a really productive day tomorrow. Just gonna have to wait and see! Right about now I'm ready for bed though!

So heres a video process I made for a speed paint I did tonight. Took around 2 hours and came together pretty quick. Added a Tiffany cover because it made me laugh and think of the image. When I saw it in my mind it was super polished and awesome... Maybe in a couple weeks when I'm no longer in debt I'll be able to make more polished images!

Heres some metal since I didn't add any to the video! Always thought Ozzy said "blood will flow like wine tonight" not "love will flow"... I would've made it blood.


Ben Foster said...

Great great stuff Dave. I can't wait until you can do some narration/voiceover on your vids-- I'm really trying to understand your use of layers and the application of color phase of your process. At this size and speed, I keep missing that piece of your flow, and it's killing me, because I think I could benefit from your insights there. Thanks again for sharing!

rapozaart said...

Thanks man! Yea I've bee planning on it but my video capture software eats up way too much ram... Everytime I try to capture at full quality for a good length of time the program freezes up. Whats weird is that I'm running 6 gigs of ram so that shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I'll just buy some software to use, better than having crap quality videos forever haha. I think I'll just put up a video based on my color... Are you just wondering about the beginning of how I switch over to color?

Andrew doma said...

always a pleasure to watch, man. btw, loving the vest ;)

Ben Foster said...

Yeah, I think you cover it well in the new vid. I'm a photoshop hack, and since the Youtube vid quality doesn't let me see your layer info, I could tell you were using a lot of layers to drop color in, but couldn't tell how you were using them. The color adjustments and so on were lost on me (I honestly forgot you could do those in layers now). Any chance you're on Skype?