Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Slowly but surely I'm getting back into my old ways! I can feel my motivation coming back full force after these last few days of work... Been studying anatomy in the morning and painting either a study or a personal piece after freelance. Overall I feel I'm really learning a lot now, mostly about texture within my own personal pieces... and how there isn't enough! The skeleton dude I painted last night was textured but was my first attempt with all the brushes i got. So hopefully I can keep on applying it and eventually start to really take advantage of my brushes :D!

Painted some homeless guy from a photo I found on Awesome site for refs :)!

Leave me in hell!


Jeremy Thompson said...

Most beautiful homeless guy I've ever seen that's for sure. The use of texture really show on this one and it gives it a very realistic pop.

Quick question... for most of your work in Photoshop, what resolution do you work in?

Andrew Domo said...

sweet dude! keep it up.