Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Just wanted to update and let you dudes know I've gone through the list and have a pretty good idea what I want to cover next. I'm gonna try and make the next one fit the frame better haha and have some more focus on what layers and whatnot I'm using. Should be good!

So yea, look for that pretty soon! I'm almost not extremely busy so things should be moving smoothly :).

Other than that I did a pretty quick goblin dude for filler. Didn't wanna post without any art D:.

I know this isn't metal but I was listenin to it while I did the above image :)


devin platts said...

yeah! misfits!!!!!!
god that goblin guy looks so fast...fastfastfasterrrrr!

jason hazelroth said...

a metal vampire, thats awesome