Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Video Suggestions?

Well, I've been thinking a lot about what tutorial videos I could make... and I was having trouble coming up with anything very interesting. But since I've been into my own process so long I've probably lost sight of what I used to wish I knew. So I'm hoping that whoever checks out this blog has some questions about my process!

Just post a comment asking me what you'd like to see and I'll get to making a list of videos to make.

Thanks and look forward to hearing your suggestions!



Ben Foster said...

--More thoughts on your greyscale paintings-- what you think about with value, light, etc
--Color harmony in a piece (you touched on it a bit in the greayscale to color vid, commenting on how something wasn't working, but more specific thoughts would be nice).

I'll post more as I think of them

Andrew doma said...

I wanna know how you paint so efficiently and effectively with all that head bashing going on. ;)

Maybe a good thing to talk about is using references in your pieces. That is, if you use them at all.

Rae Goss said...

The Nitty Gritty:
-What sort of prep work do you do for the majority of your pieces, both personal and commissioned?
-What size/zoom level do you work at? Why is that important?
-What tools do you use and how do you use them most effectively? (In your Zombie Cheerleader video, I saw some open windows pop up and couldn't tell what they were for. Brushes maybe?)
-HOW are you adding color to your work? (A seperate layer over your B&W set to multiply? Are you painting under your B&W values?)

I'd also like to hear what you have to say on composition and your inspiration. How do you stay motivated to stay working? What's the best way you've found to generate ideas?

Stay awesome, Dave. Thanks :D

oren dotan said...

i think a good subject to see is carachter design the process and all from the first initial sketch a rough idea to the finished product while also talking about compositin, values, and a bit of color

Ross Tran said...

Hey David, I've been following your sketchbook on CA for a long time, and i would love to see a video on how you choose your colors so that they all flow.
Like on your characters with environments, why did you choose that color the for the shadow? Why that level of saturation? And for clothes/armour, how do you get them to a level that they flow so nicely that nothing is out of place, like if a character with originally brown red white armour, how would their colors be affected if they were in a sandy environment, or a snowy environment? How would the colors of the red change? How would you choose the color of the shadow or level of saturation?

Or you could do an anatomy video :D with with different light angles :D

Please and thanks , keep rockin Dave.

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Hey Dave, thanks for opening this up for suggestions. A lot has been asked already, but one other thing I've been curious about is your process behind your figure studies. Is it all by eye, or do you do any tracing to set the image up? Do you color sample, or do you make your own judgments based on whats in the photo?

It might be interesting to see a video on this - just thought I'd throw that out there.

rapozaart said...

Thanks! Its all by eye, I dont trace anything. The reason I do the studies is so I can get good enough so I dont have to rely on anything like that. I'll try and cover that stuff sometime though. Maybe a video on study habits

Originalpink said...

Hey man!
Been following your blog for some time now (found u on CA).

I have a suggestion, but first; thought about how you stressed with your freelance work. I do the same too (but I have mostly gotten website work instead, thought I'd love to get some more illustration jobs), and read somewhere that it's quite common to sit up late nights with your freelance work just to get it done quickly. But that also leads to a risk of burning yourself out. So I'd like to tell you to be careful with that, and remember to get payed for how fast you do it otherwise! :-O

I'm more into thought processes, how do you come up with an idea? And how do you work with a client? Maybe leave some comments about what parts of a character you think is important to sketch in early and so on?

Love your work! Keep improving until you die!

Lu Vazquez said...

I think most of the suggestions I would have are already up, so if I'm repeating any..bear with me.

I'd like to see more on the details of your tools i.e: Brush settings, Brush choices. Adding Textures through brushwork or overlaying them, when to flatten an image, and to what degree...little details like that.

Also, is this B&W/Color overlay the same method you employ on your more finished works, for example "Vlkodlak of the White Wolves "? If not, maybe a future video on that process, if it's different.

Hope this helps, :)


B-man said...

Spandexwarior! I'd love to see a cool spandexwarior striking a dynamic pose!
Love your vids Dave!

Erman said...

I am newbie in PS and i want to know how you use layers brushes colors and other transitions.. maybe you can tell what u do when ur painting.. I need to see how you doin that sttuff..

Dave the Slave said...

Hey Dave, I was just wondering how you go about adding texture to your paintings, is it grungy-photo overlays or all custom brushes?

Thanks again man, you rock! :-)

Mike M said...

I want to know how you get things to look so finalized and "professional looking" at the end. That's the part I'm terrible at and all my paintings look like paint-sketches no matter how long at work on them.
Also I'd like to hear how you think about light. I seem to recognize your paintings always from the lighting style you use.