Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life Slowed... Gettin back to it!

Just wanted to keep you dudes updated... Been having to do a lot of last minute work so my free time has been really limited!  Trying to make sure I can bring in a good amount of money to cover what I gotta pay and whatnot. Sometimes its not so wise to only take on contract work haha. An issue arises when you got a contract on top of a contract where you've completed the said work and you feel like you've been really pushin it... But if somebody doesn't pay on time you gotta step up and take more work on top of your pressing deadlines :(. Its really only a pain because if you got contract work for a great client you want to be able to do great work and not get distracted. Oh well, thats how freelance goes I suppose! You just gotta keep on pressing through until eventually the work isn't an issue! Then all you gotta do is pick the cream of the crop from the offers and take your time :). Or at least I hope thats what happens haha.

I'll try and get somethin out as soon as my time frees up!

Some Onslaught!

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