Sunday, September 6, 2009

Love and a Sandwich!

Decided to do a quick piece of fan art for my girlfriend!  She runs a online shop for her plushies, theyre really awesome and she's been really pushin it for the past year or so. Figured it was time for me to take on one of em!

If you think theyre awesome like I do, you can check out more of her work over on her etsy & deviant art. If anyone is interested in supporting me and chelsea's mountain adventure but can't find somethin totally awesome... She accepts custom orders <3

Chelsea's Etsy!

Chelsea's Deviant Art!

Now that I'm done pushin that on you dudes, heres some metal!


devin platts said...

that's terrifying dave.

Miksey said...

Broski Woski -

Radical blog kid. I've been spreading the word. The music rocks, the plushies are fuzzy, and the art is unstoppable. That's the way we like it out here bro.

rapozaart said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa brah. Thats just how i throw down.

Kekai said...

That's just an awesome combination. Almost too awesome. Actually my head hurts right now thinking about. :)

rapozaart said...

Yea dude, blood sweat and beers. And plushies.

Thanks for droppin by my house, you look real good like some hot chocolate.