Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey everyone!

Been working through my deadlines, and fitting in personal work when i can. I tried a few test videos for my tutorials but I am still having trouble making the files a smaller size when recording. May have to download another codec(is that correct?) to be able to shrink the size apon saving.

My girlfriend chelsea's birthday party is comin up! Her birthday is the 14th but we're having a big party and a bunch of old friends will be comin for the night so it'll be a great break :). I've really been looking forward to just relaxing for a weekend instead of my constant work cycle! The most relaxing thing I do is skateboard and sometimes get a personal piece in after freelance. Both of which are still hard work though haha, so its cool to just sit back and allow myself to do nothing once in awhile...

The first book cover I worked on awhile back should be out soon! That'll be cool, not that its my best but more because it was a moment for me. I was really excited when I got that opportunity :). Finally feel like the whole freelance work is really starting to pick up. Not that I haven't had work... Just that its nice to get a nice chunk of money from a cover once in a while. Then you can just relax and get comfortable on the piece, you don't feel pressured for time because its all worth it. You can check it out ---here---, I can't post it til November though :(.

Now I gotta send out rate quotes, eat dinner and go to sleep!

Heres a little portrait I did tonight :D

Yesssss, Overkill !


Angelo said...

Dave -

Awesome cover! Congratulations on being published! Did you have to do the font letterings as well?

Cheers -

Reid Carlisle said...

Wow man your art is amazing! So do you do this all by mouse and keyboard or do you use a digital tablet? Great job getting the book cover and gool luck in your future endeavors!

rapozaart said...

Thanks! I just did the artwork, the publishers generally handle the fonts and whatnot.

rapozaart said...

Thanks! I use a Wacom Intous 3 6x8 tablet. I'm plannin on upgradin to one of those new intuos 4's though :D.

Luca said...

Your art is truly GREAT! nice and neat! :)