Monday, October 19, 2009

Huntin' Drows Process!

Hellooo, I plan on updating soon with a video, just trying to find a good Skype recorder(know any?).  I have a lot of ideas now and am pretty sure how i want to approach those videos :D. Should be good!

In the meantime though heres the gif process of my Wizard's piece! Figured I'd try and update! Hope you guys can get something outta it!

Part 1 -

(Click to enlarge!)

Part 2 -

Check back soon for the videos!

Metal! W.A.S.P. - The Hellion!


Brian said...

sick as always man, looking forward to more.

BenHickling said...

Voice Cloak Plus can record skype calls. I think it has a 14 day trial, although it's only $30 (and can make you sound like an awesome evil overlord or robot)

lu said...

Ok, this question doesn't really relate to the painting process technique-wise, but more of the mental process. When you're starting a fresh image, is it something where you just know 'I'm gonna start with this step, then do that step, use this brush for the next step, followed by this layer ' In other words, are you at that point where your approach to an image is a defined step-by-step process? And if not, when, if ever, do you get to that point?

For me, every image starts off with a game plan, which seems to fall apart and I find myself having to struggle with the image to come to a point where I'm ok with it.