Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks Bobby Chiu and Mike Mignola!

If you don't already know, Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios hosts a weekly Live Streaming series called the Chiu Stream! He just finished up his interview with Comic Legend Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy :D(which you can rewatch on the stream)! Every week(or I think its still weekly) he hosts a contest with a subject from the artist hes interviewing and everybody has to draw their interpretation to get voted on... The winner of this gets a free sketch from whoever hes interviewing! Its a really great thing to be apart of and really fun. So if youre an artist you should give it a shot when he announces his next interview :).

So, this week my Frankenstein image was chosen as the winner by Mike Mignola! I'm super pumped to get my original sketchhh, gonna get a nice frame mmmm. So yea, its totally worth it to participate! Although I do think I'll be bowing out of the whole thing for awhile do to a massive workload looming on the horizon D:.

But yea, thanks again to Bobby Chiu and everyone at Imaginism for this awesome opportunity! And again, if you can you gotta participate! Just follow his twitter and he'll probably announce the next one soon.

I should have a lot of stuff to post up soon! Good stuff I hope D:.

I'll also be hosting my live stream on Mondays from now on(unless Bobby's Streams are monday, in which case I'll change it because I wanna watch em hahah)!

Thanks everybody!

more metal! Overkill - Wrecking Crew


ea said...

ha, i came to check out some of your art but damn you have some great metal on here! Awesome - ok, i'll go back to checkin out your art (which is great btw)

Miksey said...

YEEEEEAAAAAH Homey. That Frankenstein is crazy good! Glad my boy's getting his due out there. Keep it up Bro.

Matt said...

Congrats man. Really cool image from you, got my vote :)

rapozaart said...

Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

rapozaart said...

haha, thanks man! I love metal :).

rapozaart said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA brooooooooooomikey2000.

Robinaround said...

Awesome Dave- I LOVE the Frankenstein piece! Can't wait to see your prize image. See ya soon :D