Sunday, October 25, 2009

Winter is apon us D:

Ohhhhh GOD. Its that time of year :(. Up here in New Hampshire winter comes into my life packin tons of terrible snow. Usually lasts for like 5 months and I'm totally not looking forward to it! Hopefully I can go on vacation or something soon... Can't handle another winter of straight work and cabin fever ahaha.

I talked to a bunch of dudes and am looking to get started on my new set of videos! Really looking forward to talking to some artists I know/people who want advice :D. Should be a lot of fun and maybe I can help some people out... Maybe not with all the beautifulness of painting, but definitely about industry freelance danger D:. At the moment I'm just finishing up my deadlines for the end of the month though. Should be up annd rollin afterwards though! Things are really looking up over here and I'm pretttyy happy about it! So look forward to some goodness :D!

Did up my Frankenstein entry for Bobby Chiu's Mike Mignola interview! Every week for a few weeks hes been interviewing some pretty great artists and every week theres a new contest in which you win a free sketch! Really looking forward to this one though, big fan of Mike's work.

check it out :D

Should be updating soon with new videos!

Metal- Grave Digger "we wanna rock you"


devin platts said...

we'll trek into the wilderness as the beautiful warriors that we are, and become one with nature amidst the snow.

Liv said...

Oh man you don't like snow and you live in NH? ^^; how did you come to be in that predicament? I lived in NH for a while (tiny tiny town called Grafton) and my aunt lives in Derry. The snow a few years back literally annoyed me into changing schools, and I'm now rather comfortably in Florida :) It's sunny and 74 right now.

rapozaart said...

haha, yea seriously... I live on loon mountain, where they have the vacation condos in Lincoln. I hear the snow gets really intense :(. I love the area and everything, just not the season D:

Lucas said...

Hey Dave, you did an awesome job for the chiustream. I hope you´ll get the mignola´s sketch. Freak frankstrein. Congrats!!

rapozaart said...

Thanks! :D