Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can't believe it!

The Crimson Daggers have EXPLODED! These guys are so dedicated to getting better I can hardly believe it. Surely there are those that don't update everyday and follow along with the studies... But the ones that have... They've already shown big improvement! And with the new addition of two more Crimson Dagger streams I can't begin to imagine where this will take us! I really look forward to more studies and more improvement! I hope you guys do too.

Here are the links -

My LiveStream w/Crimson Daggers

Andrew Domomomomo's Dagger Stream!

Zach's Dagger Stream!

Follow the whole study group on our sketchbook!

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog, just waiting for some pieces to get released so I can update somethin decent... In the meantime you can check out a Work in Progress and my studies from the stream!

Will keep you updated on cool Dagger developments!

Metal NoiseHunter - Rock Shower

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