Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dragon Magazine release

Hey everybody! Just posting up a piece that just got released from Dragon magazine #381. Don't really like this one... Lots of stuff wrong but I'll try and fix those problems in my later pieces!


Started working straight color after I did this and have had a much better time... So hopefully the next few will sit better with me D:.

Metal! Kraken - 'The Curse'


Jordan said...

I am not seeing the wrong, only the right. Lots of movement - great colors, whats wrong???

Always a pleasure to view your work Dave.

eternalseven said...

Well they're not perfect by any means but I like them both. The first one I would not have recognized as being one of yours, it's good to try different things even if they don't quite work out. Still better than anything I've done :D

Ricardo said...

Hey. I was reading your thanksgiving post and just wondered what you generally do to keep track of all your work and schedule. I mean, do you write down general milestones or use spreadsheets or keep everything in your mind...?

Thanks for sharing your art.

Luciano said...

Man... those colors!
I love your art!

Please, Can you tell me how can I do to show my stuff to the people of Wizard of the coast?

Joce said...

wicked! thanks for the process