Sunday, November 1, 2009

Self Portrait Day!

Hey evverybody, today is Self Portrait Day on! So I took a couple hours out of the day to work on mine :). Its a great activity to take part in since most dudes don't ever draw their portrait or any real studies from life(not that mine is haha). Anyways, hopefully some of you do it!

As far as LiveStreaming is concerned...

I'm yet to find a good balance! The votes are pretty much equal between 5pm EDT and 9pm EDT... How do you guys feel about an alternating schedule? I could do 9pm this monday then 5 the next? Let me know what you think as I still don't wanna leave anybody out D:. Hopefully we can compromise here and I can start to get organized! I look forward to painting tomorrow night and hope to see you dudes there with some questions... So I don't just talk about my fabulous body all night :O.

Exciter - "Stand up and Fight"


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