Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey everyone! Been having a crazy month so far... Started the Crimson Daggers and have been taking on some of my biggest jobs yet. Its a really complicated schedule to maintain but I'm finding that its forcing me to get more organized at least :D.

The Crimson Daggers have been awesome! Everybody has been delivering and those who've stayed since I started just a couple weeks ago have already shown improvement. Its amazing what an hour a day of important studies can do. Not to mention the obligation I now have to do one everyday! Can't mess around when everyone is watching you on the LiveStream... I'm learning a ton of awesome stuff. Hopefully more people will catch on and just start helping themselves by studying daily.

Now I'm at home waiting for family to show up and waiting for some thanksgiving action tomorrow. Been drillin through my work the past week,  trying to force myself to work extra hours! Got a lot of work waiting to be released soon though, so I'm pumped for that :). Don't really know what to do now that I'm home... I'm so used to working all the time that I feel like just sitting here is terrible D:. Must be productive...

Heres a study I did the other day for Crimson Daggers -


Also... its getting closer to CHRISTMAS! ... And my girlfriend has awesome stuff D:!!! Buy some awesome toys by clicking on the link below!


And if you don't know... Daarken is having an auction fundraiser to help fight breast cancer. His girlfriend has gone through all the surgery for breast cancer and they need help! Once thats covered all the proceeds go to a breast cancer charity!



Dadu Shin said...

awesome work! these still lifes are killer man. gotta catch one of your live feeds soon.


Dar. Gardiner said...

Dave, your work is amazing, all of it.. Brad told me to check out your web page and I am glad I did. I cannot believe how your still lifes come out, they are excellent ! Always knew you had an awesome amount of talent and you are still young. Most veteran artists take years to develop such skills as you have. Keep up the good work and I hope you are doing well !
Darlene. S. Gardiner