Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dragon Mag #382

Hey everybody! Just saw that Wizards of the Coast released a couple more of my illustrations. These two mark a change in my whole approach... Not that you can tell right off but now my work has started to really change(wont be able to release for a bit though). Been having a really awesome time working for WoTC and hope they keep me around for awhile :D.

These are both from Dragon Magazine #382 -

Hope my fellow Crimson Daggers are workin harder than ever! Always exciting to see all the awesome updates from everyone!

Metal! Judas Priest - 'Leather Rebel'


jon schindehette said...

It's been a blast working with you as well. Looking forward to working together often in the future

rapozaart said...

Yea totally, thanks for stoppin by man! Hope the calendar is coming along well. I didn't have any decent personal work to submit :(.

devin platts said...

I think it's a good change for you dave, I can already see a noted difference on the 2nd one. Very clearly worked more with direct color is giving you way more sensitive hue shifts and values~

You remind me of the babe,
what babe?
...the babe with the power
what power?
the power of the babe......mmmmm

lu said...

Heya Dave

Nice work...glad to see you doing well with WoTC.

Now I'm really curious about your new approach, especially since it looks like it involves a more direct color technique. Painting directly with color's always been a more instinctive way for me, since I come off a heavy background in oil painting...but for some reason it's not translating so easily to the digital approach. Of course, it's the whole 'maintaining tonal values' thing I seem to be having the most problem with. Would love to see how you tackled this matter.

Devin! You have another fan added to your roster! Love your work.