Saturday, December 19, 2009

Help out a friend :D!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to update so as not to dissapear forever into the depths of the internet... Finished up my first set of Magic: The Gathering cards last night :D! I'm pretty excited to get em in the mail whenever that happens. Been a dream of mine for a long long long loooonngggg time. Pretty much ever since around... I was 9 or 10? Anyway, pretty pumped! Now all I got left are 6 magazine illustrations, 3 of which due on the 22nd.

Other than that I've been hosting the Crimson Daggers stream steadily everyday for more than a month now! I can feel the improvement from everyone! Its working out far better than I ever expected. So if you're ever looking to study with somebody you can join me everyday @9am EST!

Before I get back to work though... I have a favor! My friend Hannes(algenpfleger) has entered the Dreams contest on deviant art. He's worked so hard(pages and pages of studies daily D:) and has been doing fantastic work! So in order to vote...

Click on the image below and please favorite to add your VOTE!

Thanks and I really hope he wins! He really deserves it!

Metal - Judas Priest - Some Heads are Gonna Roll


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