Saturday, December 12, 2009

Studyin harder than ever

Hello everyone!

Hope you've been keeping up with the Crimson Dagger's progress! Lots of new art everyday :). If you're a member of Concept Art feel free to drop some support on em :D.

I'm really excited today because I'm ahead of deadline on all of my work. Could possibly send it all in today but I'll hold onto it in case I see something I could improve... But its cool to have most everything done ahead of time. Having too much fun working for Wizards!  Hoping I can get some more magic work soon although I'm not sure how often they ask for work. I'm hoping my Daggers are all working their hardest because once you do start to achieve your goals you'll see how worth it it is to really push yourself everyday. So if you're a Dagger and readin this then just know that I have total faith in all of you! I see crazy progress and I know if you stick with it you'll get to wherever it is you're headed. No need to worry about anything, as long as you follow what you love 100%... Success and money follows. But if you go around chasing money then you'll most likely never get it. Just work hard for yourself. Also remember to post anything helpful you may find(reference/technique/study habits/ etc) on the sketchbook for everybody else to check out. Keep in mind you can get everything outta life by helping others get what they want. If you're always dedicated, working hard, and always helping/being helped then how can we not succeed? This is the fastest way to the top!

With that, heres some crappy studies I've done lately haha.

All of these are 1-2 hours with the exception of the Repin study which is on hour 6 now :).

Also, keep in mind that I'm showing these even though I think these are all terrible haha. I just want to show that it doesn't matter. You gotta know that we all fail...if we never failed we would never know how to improve. Making mistakes is just a natural part of learning, you'll never(unless you're a superhero) do anything perfect the first time. Everything is just a matter of practice. Some people are naturally inclined to certain aspects of whatever it is you're learning but that doesn't mean they're any better than you. Just keep at it and you'll see through trial and error that you have just as much potential.

Hope to see you all joining the Crimson Daggers! We meet everyday @ 9am EST on LiveStream!

Metal - Spitfire - 'Danger in the World'

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