Sunday, February 28, 2010

Composition and Loomis PDF's!

Hey everybody! Updating this a little bit later than usual. Devin and I spent the time after the Crimson Daggers and built an awesome monster snow man out back. Its pretty huge, somethin over 6 feet, just wait til I don't show you and it rots in the backyard... Withering away as the glory of spring destroys his monster heart D:.

Check the stream tomorrow 

@6pm EST for my Monday night Character Drawing Session! 

I'll be taking suggestions from the Chat and it will dictate how the final character comes out!

Anyways heres some of the content we covered during the stream today... Basically a lot of technical questions came up and we often referred to sources online from which we learned. Hopefully you'll give these a read through and learn somethin useful!

Composition! - Be sure to READ through ALL to absorb it!

LandScape Composition Rules! - Applies to all images though... 

Phil Straub's Composition Tutorial 

Fundamentals of Composition!

Hue Value Chroma! - Very important information! It is a very boring read but I would advise you really take the time to check it out.

Loomis PDF's! everybody seems to be looking for these... Download them here(right click - 'save link as' to save to the computer)!

Loomis PDFs!

Other than that I don't have much else to post. Not quite done with my study just yet but I'll try and update when I can :). Hope all that info helps! Keep on studying and seeee my daggers tomorrow!

And as always I got the other supplies I mentioned like the Plaster Cast I was studying today in the sidebar to the right here ---------------->

Metal! - W.A.S.P. - "Wild Child"


Luca said...

Thank you so much Dave!

Your fellow Dagger.

Dave Rapoza said...

:D thanks to YOU!

FM said...

already a bit old post but it got stucked in my mind, thx for this.