Saturday, February 6, 2010

Elves Cover Process

Hey everybody! Heres a quick little process Gif I made of my Elves cover.

Basically its just - Sketch - Lines - Tones - Color Render until polished :D. Hope it helps a little!

(click to enlarge)

And heres some other work!

Metal! - Inherent Sin - "Gates of Hell"


Elves Cover Process »Coolweather said...

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Chris Rahn said...

Great cover man! I really like the play between what's in and out of focus. Keep rockin!

Jan said...

As usual I love your rendering and seeing your process is very helpful!

I would suggest looking at some reference for sword poses though. I know this one is a bit of a katana-ish type, you can find lots of stuff on how to handle those on YT for instance. This elf holds it like a baseball bat, the pose is a bit awkward I'd say.
The hilts were so long that you could hold it with hands apart, one on the pommel - to have more leverage for better control.

Maybe take a look at these short videos of European longswords - the use would be quite appropriate: - a very good short video showing the dynamism of a sword use. (with very accurate techniques) - this or any other ARMA video, very accurate way of handling swords, they often explain the techniques and specific styles.

alex said...

Neat stuff on here man. I dig your paintings.


rapozaart said...

Thanks man, always good to float around your blog :O