Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Blog!

Hey everybody! Just started using blogger yesterday, trying to get settled in with my new layout and whatnot. I already like the look of this one a whole lot more than the previous.

I'm also trying out ads to hopefully bring in some kind of extra money. Currently Chelsea and I are planning a move to Seattle this summer and are having a hard time with the funds. Trying to get that goin as much as possible. Need to be around the people :D! No more desolate forest living... Moved here in order to make myself improve my art(as in I couldn't afford to live here when I moved here so I had to get better work) and have happily made the transition into more reputable freelance jobs!

Pressure is a great motivator for me. Sometimes it may seem like a crazy idea to just jump into the fire and basically just try as hard as possible to grow. But in the end its all worth it, or thats my opinion anyways. I've been doing this sort of thing to myself for the past 2 years or so. When I started I was living at home and just jumped right into an uncertain job position in Illinois(I was residing in Massachusetts at the time). I figured that even if the position fell through that I would have to go right at freelance as hard as possible in order to make the rent every month. Of course the position fell through and I ended up doing just that :(.

Now I'm living in New Hampshire and have been for almost 2 years. Still working at that pressure but have finally started to settle into some good freelance. My couple years in solitude gotta come to an end, can't just live in my house 12 hours a day everyday anymore! Driving me crazy haha. So Seattle it isss!

Anyways, if you do find yourself in a position where you aren't satisfied and are lacking motivation... Always remember that you can use pressure and fear to just force it out! You may not want to do this for a long time as stress is a killer... But whatever works!

If any of you are having trouble studying or whatever else, feel free to drop be the Crimson Daggers study group! We meet everyday @9am EST, 2 GMT!

and heres a random image I did to test how Blogger uses image uploader!

Metal! Judas Priest - "Hell Bent for Leather"


Unknown said...

well said...good luck with everything new in your life, including this blogger account!!

Dave Rapoza said...

Thanks man! I really appreciate it!