Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Video Turotial - Actions in Photoshop!

Hey everybody! Been having a lot of fun with the LiveStreams and have been asked a good amount of questions. Most of which are about problems I forgot I used to have myself. Thats the real benefit of talking to people in real time who are going through a lot of the beginner troubles with photoshop. I always want to put out videos and whatnot but often forget what people are looking to learn.


If you have any suggestions for further videos please drop me a comment!

Just let me know what you'd like to see and I'll do my best to produce some content! Basically what people asked me that sparked this was... How do you flip the canvas like that? As in without touching the menus. So if you ever have questions during the LiveStreams feel free to ask because I'm sure other people wonder the same.

Using Actions in Photoshop!

Hope that helps!

Metal? -  Danger - "3h11" - I love how this song is completely Streets of Rage


Luca said...

Hey Dave I just logged in quickly cos I came across this store site... thaught it might interest you:

Oh, thanks again for the daily tips and all the work.

Dave Rapoza said...

Thanks dude! I actually got a fellow Dagger to help build a store for me. The only reason I'm not usin payloadz is because they charge a monthly fee of like $50-whatever you end up using for bandwidth. Now we got it all figured out though :)