Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coming Interviews!

Hey everybody! I know I've been all over the place and not updatin lately... That will change after my deadlines are up but will be like this for the next week or so. Hopefully I can pull through!

In the meantime though... I wanted to updated with all the awesome interviews that are comin up on the Crimson Daggers LiveStream!

Interviews! - click the names for links :)

Scott Altmann!Friday @6pm EST on Crimson Daggers

Daarken! Tuesday - 3/16 @6pm EST on Crimson Daggers

Brad Rigney(Cryptcrawler)! Thursday - 3/18 @6pm EST on Crimson Daggers

Hope you check it out! 


Unknown said...

Duuude, ask Björn Hurri for an interview

oren dotan said...

that's fantastic :) more great people

Luca Cauchi said...

Dave I'm looking forward for today's stream! Missed the stream man, but hey, I kept on doing my studies anyways! :P