Friday, March 5, 2010

Interview! Concept Artist - Trevor Claxton! Tuesday!

Hey everybody! Just got news from my buddddd Trevor Claxton that he'd be down for an interview on the Crimson Daggers Stream this Tuesday @9am EST(3/9)! Should be a lot of fun! So heres some samples of his work, hes an awesome dude!

Interview -
Trevor Claxton! - Senior Concept Artist at CCP Games! This Tuesday(3/9) @9am EST on Crimson Daggers!

Trevor is currently a Senior Concept Artist at CCP Games in Atlanta, GA. He's also worked on many role playing games as well as Magic: The Gathering. Trevor is a huge BBFLx2000 and its gonna be really awesome to have him on!

Heres a whole bunch of his work!

And... Another Interview! On the following Tuesday(3/16) I'll have Daarken on @ 6pm EST. Daarken is a Freelance/Concept Artist working fulltime(probably literally) @ Mythic Entertainment and on various other projects including Magic: The Gathering!

Metal! - Ozzy - "Fool like you"


Alexander Nanitchkov said...

Bravo mr. Dave

oren dotan said...

that's great man having these two amazing guys, we'll suck out all the info we can get from them :)

Benjie said...

my mind exploded when you said cryptcrawler was coming on as well, really pumped for daarken and Trevor!

good one Daavee!

Luca said...

I'm really looking forward for the interviews Dave. Thank you so much!!!!