Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Schoolism Video Available Now!

Hey everybody! Oh God I've been all over the place lately D:! Trying to keep up with everything along with my new puppy has been a real big pain... Can't imagine what its like having a kid! Anyways, got some good stuff to talk about and market to you to try and force you to gimme money.

I've recently completed my Schoolism Video and its just been released!

Important! - Oddly enough the video trailer(awesome as it is) doesn't cover the actual image in the video itself. The image below is what you'll follow along with throughout the 2 hours and 35 minutes. 

Click to Check out the Video!

(click to enlarge)

What the trailer does show is the base character I used to establish the alien race... which is posted below!

Pretty excited to finally have this out and am equally excited to move forward with more awesome stuff from Schoolism! Looking forward to really getting into it full steam!

Got an ImagineFX Workshop comin up in issue 58 too if you're interested! Look out for it!

Apart from that I've been slacking a bit on Crimson Daggers due to my sleep lose via puppy haha. Can't wait til she grows up already! Also I saw 5 bears last night in my backyard, it was wicked awesome! Mom and some babies just out looking for a couple puppies to eat before they head back to the river. Had to chase em up trees with the car. Hopefully they don't come back looking for food anytime soon.

I should be back into the swing of things soon. Certainly looking to update this blog a lot more now that I'm not busy as hell with everything!

Metal! - Slayer - "Black Magic"


Luca said...

Hey Dave, I watched the video! it's REALLY cool. I'm glad to see you're getting this famous - a humble person and great artist like you deserves it completely :)

Hope the puppy's ok-- look at what this cat did when it saw the bear:

I will get the issue of IFX for sure.
(ps. could you tell me what kind of music is that in your video- maybe some artist, or title, something I can look for please? I love that beat)

Wish you all the bset my friend.

Regards from Malta.

Dave Rapoza said...

Hey Luca! Awesome, glad you liked it man! The puppy is ok, shes a beautiful little pup :O. My cat woulda killed the bear with cuteness...

Yea man, hope you like the IFX article :). Cant wait to see it myself!

Thanks for the support dude!