Monday, July 5, 2010

Life Painting, CHOW, and Crimson Daggers

Hey everybody! Hope you're doiiin good, I'm all over the place! Finally around civilization and have apparently forgotten what its like to be called to do things haha. But its good, I'm mainly just focused on my work right now and putting Crimson Daggers on hold(again, sorry everyone). Trying not to overwhelm my brain and stay focused on my current goals.

One cool thing is... I've moved to New Bedford, MA for the summer before my move to Seattle and live in a renovated factory. This place has like 11 foot windows and awesome natural light! Got a lot of life drawing done and been painting with natural light quite a bit. Feels so much better to have a new challenge. So many colooorssss.

Whats funny is that for the past like... 2 years I've been saying on my blog that hopefully I'll have time to do x, y, and z. Because of this I've decided to just do everything I want to do all at once and screw everything else. Otherwise things get all messed up and I totally miss out on everything cool. So many ideas I've never finished! No more! Although I bet I'll probably say this in another year or so :(.

Currently working on my Schoolism class as well right now, having a ton of fun! Hope some of you get to check it out when sign up time comes!

Heres some of my recent stuff!


mikeG said...

Nice! Good to get an update from you sir Rapoza~ Seems like you have a nice place to settle in until it's time to hit the west coast. Life paintings are awesome as always and you've been a big inspiration and influence on myself. I'm glad to have stumbled upon your work before Crimson started. Keep it real my friend. I will strive to reach your level no matter the obstacles!

Mike Guiang

Luca said...

Dude its so cool to see you're back. Bruce Lee said "Knowing is not enough we must apply, willing is not enough we must do!" - so its great to see you're so drived for new projects. Go for them. Wonderful studies as always (especially on the last one).

I hope to see more of your work more frequently - I'm drived as hell to get better and better :)

ps- one great thing Dave I feel to tell you, IFX will feature me in their upcoming issue in the FX Pose Section :) Hard work and those daily studies are paying off. Still lots of work to be done tho.

All the best.


Mr. Chris Bjors said...

Hey Dave!
Got a question for you that I hope you can answer.

What do you write in a Job application email?
I find it really hard to not sound Cheesy or just boring in general.

Hope you're doing everything you wanted to do :)

Dave Rapoza said...

Hey Chris!

Just be completely honest. Thats all I ever do. Never too formal and never too goofy. Don't ever be fake. People might tell you to act all fake and whatever just for appearances but thats boring.

I usually say something along the lines of - "hello ****,

My name is Dave Rapoza and I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator. Always been a fan of the work your company produces and would love to hopefully do some covers/cards(whatever the company is) of my own. I've attached some of my current artwork to this email in hopes that you'll consider me for work.

Thanks for your time and consideration!