Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Magic

Hey everybody! If you haven't been checkin it out, the Crimson Daggers have started again! But we've been meeting at random times as my sleep schedule isn't totally back to normal just yet :). Soon enough we should be back in the 9am-10am cycle though.

Another one of my Magic: The Gathering cards was released! Not sure exactly where it was shown but somebody mentioned it to me today sooooo hopefully I'm not violating any contracts!

Heres the card + the process

Metal! Flames - Avenger


Ryan Yee said...

Not gonna lie, these came out sick! Good work man, look forward to your next cards!

Adrian Majkrzak said...

Mmmm so gristly. Awesome cards man, can't wait to see the other ones when you're able to show em.