Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Terrible and Hot

Hey everybody! Just got all moved into my new apartment! Was about 95 degrees out today... So not the most ideal moving weather :(. But most of it is done and am just getting back to emails! So if you've tried to contact me and haven't heard back I'll try and return your mail in the next few days.

Currently on the search for a decent air conditioner so I can get more work done. On the fifth floor so its getting pretty hot. But! I am going to post a new schedule for Crimson Daggers tomorrow. Trying to get all my work done and start on some new stuff. So yea, I'm sorry for putting this off for so long. Now that I have a permanent address(at least for the year) I'll be able to really focus.

Anyways, love all my Daggers(if there still are any)!

Love you all.

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Unknown said...

went to newegg today, and there's sale going on which includes free shipping on their a/c units. thought youd like to know, since well, youre in need of one :|