Monday, November 8, 2010

Magic Card Sketches

Hey everyone! I just dropped a banner up top about my Magic card sketches. Been getting a lot of orders and been having a ton of fun doing them all! Finally done being sick as well(for the most part) and am late on a deadline. I'm sorry Sarah :(.

If you're interested just click the new banner!

Heres one I just did tonight.



Also... For those of you who followed anything I've done over the past couple years you'd probably remember the comic project 'Thrash Til' Death' I talked about. Well, good news! I've actually started finally! Feels great. Heres a little style sample I did for the interiors just to give a general idea.


Metal! Exciter - Feel the Knife


Unknown said...

oh wow, I cannot wait to see more work on the comic!! :D Very nice sketches man.

Unknown said...

Looking good! The sketches are amazing! You're spending alot of time in bed recovering i hope. :D

Are you going to scan and show off all of them? Or just the ones you're proud of? Hehehe.


Dave Rapoza said...

Thanks! Nah, I liked all of them but I keep on packing them up right after finishing. I remembered not to after i finished this one to make sure I had an example to show :). Hopefully I'll remember to scan the new ones from now on. I just feel unsafe keeping them out in the open as opposed to in the packages.

Unknown said...

Excellent I am excite! I've been spreading the word about the cards that are available, so hopefully you'll get some more traffic. :D

Also I forgot to add my address in the paypal note. But i think it may have given it to you anyways. But I thought I'd check to be safe. :D

Unknown said...

the drawing for the comic is looking siiiick! your paintings are looking crazy as well! Glad you're feeling better Dave!

YOz said...

great feeling Dave!

oren dotan said...

is this by any chance the sketch i asked for :D
it came out awasome :D