Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Super Meat Boy!

Hey Everybody!

Real quick update :)! Just did up some Super Meat Boy Fan Art!

Check out the game!


Tom said...
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Tom said...

Hey nice one Dave. That game drives me crazy insane, insane crazy

CommanderVideo said...

That is awesome.

Kirin said...

Dave my man, this is one of the best fan arts I've ever laid eyes on! Simply awesome!

I did want to ask if I could have your permission to post this picture as an avatar to a 'private' forum I'm currently involved in. Full credit is given and your name is clearly stated. No alterations of photoshopping are involved.

Once again, beautiful, nightmarishly scary but hauntingly captivating.

Unknown said...

Oh I love this guy :)

Dave Rapoza said...

Thanks guys!

Kirin - Yea sure, feel free