Monday, November 1, 2010

Trying New Stuff

Hey Everybody! Been really busy past couple weeks... But thats generally what I write when I update haha. Started working on some sprite stuff since I've been replaying old Castlevania games. Trying to get away from strictly painting for fun... Outside of painting for work. Just need to refresh and try something new. So anyways, been playing around with animations and whatnot. Gonna try and do all the animations for this character then possibly move onto other things in whatever fake game this is haha.

Totally Castlevania inspired, learning a lot from looking at their sprites.

Heres what I started out with -

Then from this quick concept I worked up the standing sprite -

After I got a good idea of what I wanted for the sprite I moved on to animation, still learning a lot of frames and what the hell im doin haha - (Click to Enlarge)

Heres the Slash animation and small walking sketch animation I've done so far -(Click to Enlarge)

But yea! If you're ever bored painting the same thing over and over... Take a break and do somethin else thats fun :). Really enjoying this stuff and I'll probably end up doing a lot more.                                                                                                      

Quick Side Note - 

I've got a bunch of Magic: The Gathering cards w/White Backs(instead of the usual magic logo) that were given to me by Wizards of the Coast. Theres only 50 of each card I've done - Barrage Ogre, Skinrender,Ogre Geargrabber, Razor Hippogriff, and Heavy Arbalest. I posted up on my Deviant Art about it but figured I'd drop it here.                                                                                                                          

If you'd like, I'm offering the card + sketch on the back for $10(plus extra shipping if outside US). If you're interested please send me an email - rapozaster @                                                    
Also, if you have cards you'd like signed, drop me an email and I'll give you my address. Just send along a self addressed envelope with necessary postage to return the card to you.                                          

Metal - Evil Army - Realm of Death


Unknown said...

this is awesome..i miss 2d games more than anything else. If you get a chance, play radiant silvergun. It's a sega saturn import, super expensive, but easily the sickest 2d shooting game..

Dave Rapoza said...

Thanks Aaron, I loved all the old 2d games. They're sorta making a comeback but I don't really like the handdrawn animation as much as the pixels. Never played radiant silvergun but I've heard of it before. I'll try and check it out!

Thanks Emrah! You should give it a go its a nice break with new challenges... Made me feel better to come back to my regular work afterwards!

tayete said...

Hi Dave!
Lovely animation. Are you doing the pixel art directly in Photoshop or using something like Graphics Gale, Paint or...?

Theou Aegis said...

From all of us at The Castlevania Dungeon, it's a pleasure to see someone of your artistic talent. Your CV-inspired sprite is very well done. You need to make some more Castlevania artwork in your sweet style. There was a GI Joe artist that did some recently. Bring out the awesomeness of the Belmont clan in your style for all Castlevania fans to enjoy!