Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haunting of Harrowstone

Hey everybody! Heres something I did for Paizo publishing a little while ago. Theres a lot more of these coming, been having a lot of fun with the covers!

I'll post up the process soon when I have a bit more time :)

(click to enlarge)

Metal! W.A.S.P. - The Torture Never Stops


Jason said...

Beautiful painting. I really love the brush strokes in your work.

What kind of brush is giving you the texture?

Have you ever released a small pack of your brushes for the public?

Luca said...

Nice work Dave, reminds me of 'handsome brad' somehow. :)

Looking forward for the wip, happy new year dude!!!

Dave Rapoza said...

Thanks guys!

Jason - Theyre from this guy who goes by Tiger1313. He released a brush pack on his blog!

Luca - Thanks! I just finished making the process and my photoshop froze. AWESOME. :( Happy new year man!

peskyarm said...

very dynamic, man, great job

Mocata said...

That is a very nice action scene, awesome work :D

Siri said...

Nicely done indeed. Reminds me of one of Keith Parkinson's works.

Pervy said...
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Pervy said...

Hiya dave! Hope your not to busy for a question, but I remember a while back you did a t-shirt design of Storm Eagle for Power Glove.

So, I was wondering do you have any advice on what file resolution I should have for designing in photoshop? I currently work at 11 by 17(inches) 300dpi, is that a workable size for tshirt prints? lol really appreciate the time and help