Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update for update's sake

Hey everyone! First of all, thanks to everyone who purchase a Super Meat Boy print! I really appreciate all the support! Hopefully I'll have some more prints up in the future :).

This image is just a loose painting I did before starting the Live streams to get warmed up. Kind of a portrait of a friend... haha. Figured I should update the blog with my looser stuff just to keep with the updates!




Metal! Metal Church! - Over my dead body


Luca said...

Rapozasterous! ;P
yes Dave if this is your looser stuff, then post more of it.

Unknown said...

haha nice! :D Is that Dan as in henchman? I agree with Luca post more loose stuff!

trevor said...

my god dan is gorgeous!
tell him i said that....then tell me what he says.
do you think he would ask me to prom?