Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wheel of Time fan stuff

Hey everybody! Getting more and more work as the year comes to an end! Really happy with how things are going... Can't wait to see what happens next year.

In case you didn't get my messages via Twitter or Livestream - I'm back working on the Magic card sketches. Had to take a bit of time away to really focus on deadlines but things are better now :). I'll be shipping them out as I finish each one in the next week or so depending on my work load.

Started reading the wheel of time books and went on the wheel of time wiki page... The artwork on there is so cartoony :O. I saw some really good work from the recent covers by TOR but thought I'd do some interpretations.

Anyways, heres my Fade(Myrdraal).

(click to enlarge!)


Beat Street!


Chris said...

I've heard about Wheel of Time, sounds sweet. I really like your interpretation, even though I haven't seen the original ha ha.

Hope you can at least relax on Christmas day! But I'm glad you're getting lots of work too :)

Roselyn said...

i admire your work, really.
Being a beginner it's kinda depressing but also very inspirational to take a closer look to your wips.
I just sometimes dream of getting shitloads of work and deadlines on me too, doing pretty artwork being admired by others.
and when the day comes, i'll look at this comment and curse myself xDDD

anyways, i didn't read wheel of time. it's a huge book series :o

as for magic card sketches... when i earn my own money, i promised to buy a print or card. whatever's on the menu at the time. which can be a loooooooooooooong time later. meow.

Luca said...

NIIIIICE!! Dave I'm really digging your work especially these kind of paintings... so moooaar pls.

I hope you'll have a great Christmas dude... probably a snowy one I bet.

love from a dagger. :P

Diego Rossetti said...

Big Dave, your illustration are amazing, I was always a great desire to draw every time I see them

Tim said...

Hey man, I've been a fan of the Wheel of Time since I was a kid. I dig your interpretation of the Myrdraal.