Saturday, March 26, 2011

My New Magic Cards & Warcraft!

Hey everybody! Bunch of stuff got released lately :). I don't like it all but I've received requests from Magic fans to post the magic releases. Sorry I didn't post it earlier but I guess its not so bad... Really old and :(.

Warcraft preview just came out - Tol'zin







No Metal - G.I.Joe Movie Intro, getting pumped for my next series of illustrations! -



Jason said...

really love "Go for the throat"
expressions = nailed.

all good as always.

Alexander Gordon said...

Did you have the good fortune of this gracing your childhood, Dave?

Dave Rapoza said...


Sandy - Yea I saw some online. Never watched it though, wasn't it only on for like 1 or 2 seasons?

Alexander Gordon said...

Sadly, yes...
I remember being into it, but the only things that really stuck with me until now are the intro and that it lived too short a life. That and Gummi Bears.

Thanks for your blast from the past digital awesomeness though. Got me back into watching old 80s Cartoon PSAs. >;]

TrashTalk said...

Dude, what happened to Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelango? Been visiting your blog like twice a day since you started with the turtles makeover and then the grand final is left out! Don't leave us hanging like this :C

(Great work by the way, I'm a huge fan since years back)

Dave Rapoza said...

Sandy - haha, oh well :(. I've been havin tons of fun digging up old shows, trying to find funny stuff to do. Maybe I'll watch some PSAs too :O

TrashTalk - Don't worry, that was part of my plan! :D People been asking me about the turtles... In good time. I'm still working on my roster, not too many left now :). The turtles are pretty much the same but if they're fun enough I may do more than one. Thanks for lookin at everything though!

Mike Rapoza said...

Siiiiiick, I love the magic cards here (the bottom 3). Especially the bottom "go for the throat" one. Siiiiiick.