Sunday, August 21, 2011

ZEN Intergalactic Ninja fan art

Hey everbody! Working on my Raphael at the moment and also did a quick Zen fan art. Zen Intergalactic Ninja was a short lived comic from the 90s but I was all about the action figures when I was little. Always wanted to be able to try and paint Zen. Oldddd days revisited.

Raphael Video so far!

Watch live streaming video from fuckinartwithmrdelicious at


tg said...

yeah! the last on! good job Dave !

Dieter Miller said...

lol, I remember getting the trash robot bro figure in preschool as a surprise. I flipped shit. My brother had some of the Zen comics but I never really got into it but I knew exactly who this was. Sweeet stuuuff!

horrormaniac15 said...

You're right, this Raph looks way better than the previous one. The other was way too symmetrical. Looks like he's lounging.

Jason said...


I was wondering what kind of thumbnail/concept process you go through before working on the final piece.

I know you post process images, but do you do any stages before that?

Raph is look'n dirty.