Saturday, September 24, 2011

TMNT Turtles Print Pre-Orders!

Hey everybody! I'm now taking print pre-orders for the 4 turtles. Before now I had them available to all the previous buyers and they all sold out. Thats why it took me so long to post this up, I didn't think that would happen so quick. Not that its a bad thing! Also, sorry to previous buyers who missed a chance to order from the first offered run, but feel free to place an order now :).

At the moment I'm only taking orders for the turtles in a pack.

Due to the high volume of work and orders I gotta process(not to mention comic con)

I'm only offering 40 sets of 4.

Please include your Name and Address with the order(I wont be chasing people for this info)

Please email to place an order!

I use PAYPAL for all transactions, you will be sent an invoice after order is placed.
Also, if you have previously ordered do not automatically pay me for the prints, please wait to get a response.

These are 18x24 inch museum grade prints @ $160 for the 4 prints(40 each)

its $11 domestic shipping & $18 international 

Please allow me 4-6 weeks before they all ship out due to Comic Con and current deadlines, I'm only one man so it takes me awhile :(.



Grigri614 said...


I just dound your site... Bad ass..... Thats all i can say. I grew up on teh turtles and I have always wanted to see them depicted in a more realistic/darker light. Cause lets face it, your grow up in teh sewers constantly being attacked by some crazy dude dressed in purple.. your going to be a little bit pissed off!

Grigri614 said...

Ps.. Alcohol makes you spell bad. :-/

DMon said...

Dave, please get back to me soon. :(

Unknown said...

amazing! very cool ilustrations! nice tecnice, details and the colors are very nice

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ROBILRAD said...

fantastic artwork like gore comics. I wish to make it live! dark anime of TMNT!

ROBILRAD said...

hey DAVE . I looked on your collection of NINJA TURTLES and you FORGOT for the main enemy : KRANG!

I hope you can do this . it would be awsome!!

Eyz said...

They all look so friggin' awesome!
Amazing art style and work!