Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Turtles Prints Delayed for New Buyers

Hey everybody! Just wanted to go over some stuff regarding the 4 turtles final print run I'm doing. Basically every time I do a print run I offer up the sets to previous buyers a couple days ahead to make sure they get first dibs. But this time the prints totally sold out(except for singles) before I could put them up on the internet for everyone else. So to make it fair I'm still letting all previous buyers get first dibs but am also going to offer up a limited set online as well.

The only weird thing about that is that I have to get all the prints done for these orders as well as all the prints done for my New York Comic Con table in October. Hopefully at some point between then and now I will figure a way to also offer them up to people who have been waiting on buying these online. That being said the wait might be a little long :(. Please be patient with me as I can really only handle so much packaging and planning as well as my current work from clients. Its been a bit crazy to juggle everything!

The last week of august I actually got stuck in upstate New York hiking during the hurricane(leaving NYC with my brother). We thought it'd be nicer as the storm would hit NYC and not us, but the exact opposite happened and we ended up in multiple towns that were being evacuated or totally flooded. After being stuck there for much longer than I planned I got home and immediately had to move out of my apartment into my new place as well as finish 2 deadlines. Crazy month in general for me, but I'm looking forward to everything maybe slowing down after Comic Con.

Anyways, just wanted to get that all out there! Look forward to meeting everyone at NYCC this year!

Heres a big mash up of all my TMNT work that I posted around!


chibiaion said...

Those artworks are really totaled man, wickedly cool! NYCC love that acronym! buy aion account

Lando_Mange said...

I really really really wanna buy them, all four, so I sure hope there will be plenty around when us online who haven't bought any of the others before will get the chance to buy them :O
I wanted to buy the previous posters aswell but at the time I did not have a job or a steady income, I do now, and I'd be sad if I missed out on these last four :(

Unknown said...

Great work. Hopefully I will be able to purchase when they are available.

Bigtests2 said...

Simply perfect!!! Raph is exactly like i've ever imagined him: brutal, hard boiled and covered by the proofs of hot blood!

Aaron Wilkin said...

These are friggin amazing!!! Well done!!!