Sunday, January 22, 2012

Join us on Crimson Daggers!

Hey everybody! Wanted to update and let you all know that I'm doing an interview for the Crimson Daggers with Danny Luvisi this Wednesday! Its gonna be awesome, talking about beautiful things.

If you don't know, Dan sold his Last Man Standing book(which sold out everywhere) to Paramount Pictures and is in the process of selling his next property. Hes got a lot of knowledge that people should absorb.

Bring questions! We're going to field him some so you get to know him but then we'll take em from the chat!

Aside from that, heres my entry to this weeks Bloodsports challenge! Its basically me as a Crystal Crusader... Ruby Robert <3! Check out the challenge form for more info!

Next challenge is coming this Friday!


Sand said...

Do DRAGONBALL Z and sell me them :)

rahiosky said...

LOVE LOVE your floor! Turned out amazing...I was wondering, is there a gap from the base boards? I would
love to pull up our yucky carpet and do this to our floor! It did have hardwood but previous owners pulled it up! Soooo, left with a slab...Great
tut too! Very well described! Will keep you posted if I get *brave* (ie:ambitious) enough to try it.

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