Sunday, March 18, 2012

Venom step by step! Guyver WIP as well!

Hey everybody! Wanted to post up my venom steps, hope it helps!

(open in new tab)

more Guyver WIP


Van Strapp said...

Oh flip. That Guyver looks incredible. I was such a massive fan of the original anime series back in the day.

Stooball said...

You have such cute handwriting lol

Also; AMAZING as usual

DanijelC said...

Really cool textures on both the Venom and the Guyver.

Clever Trevor said...

Ohhhh......myyyyyy.....FaAAAAwKing Lord ! That guyver is the mist Eppppiiiiiccccccccccccc! Picture i have EVER laid these virgin eyes on ! Nostagilia to the max . Your guyver looks even better than the american movie ones. Ahhhh dave you keep making our 80s and 90s shows ,anime,comics , games so ledgendary !

ghulam sarwar said...

thank you for sharing