Saturday, November 3, 2012

Legend of the Cryptids

Hellooo, nothin Skull and Shark related yet but its moving along really quick. Should be able to tease some stuff from it soon :)!

Got a couple images I did for Legend of the Cryptids! They're really great to work with and I love their approach to the art briefs. Really enjoying it so far and hope to have more work to share soon!

This one was for a creature dude, the giant version being the advanced version. Pretty fun to do.

I'll try and post some process stuff soon for both of em.


Tida K. said...

Great work here. I really love them. The details are so amazing!! :O

Jai Kamat said...

Awesome, awesome work Dave

Wladimir Matos Reyes said...

Goddamn it, this is so awesome man! the details and the lighting blew me away! great work!

Ivan Cirovic said...

Awesomeness all over the place! The saturated semi-transparent tissue on the ribs is soooo tasty

Tsib said...

awesome work, I would nt dream well with that in mind though :