Monday, February 22, 2010

Dave's totally Sellin!

Hey everybody! Just finished up another Crimson Daggers stream this mornin. Feeling really good today, veryy alive! Got myself all pumped up yesterday talking to my friend Janaabout work and what shes been up to. So we're sorta feeding off eachother's energy and hopefully I'll be able to push myself to another level. Really excited to see how this turns out! But you wont know til around fall when the work is released(we're both working on the same project).

Heres my tomato from today!

Talked a bit about the supplies column I got on the side here---->
Basically its a program Amazon runs where your website can be associated with their product. If you click and buy the product through my blog then I make a % of the sales. At the moment its only 4% but I guess after awhile it can go up to 15%. Pretty good deal if you ask me! Hopefully it'll help and hopefully I'll provide stuff you need.

So I asked people from Crimson Daggers what they'd like to see me host as far as products... And the main suggestion was to host good anatomy books! So heres some I searched out after the stream that are awesome. Just remember that you have to read it! Don't just copy mindlessly... Make the time you put in worth it!

Glenn Vilppu -(couldn't really find a good source)

George B. Bridgman -

Theres some good ones to get started with. Just make sure, like I said before, that you really read and try and figure what you're doing when you study. Don't just copy without thinking.

Metal! - Wolf - "In the Shadow of Steel"


Unknown said...

Cool stuff Rapalooza - I dig that study . I'd also check out Bridgman's "The Human Machine" - really good for understanding how it all works ;)

Dave Rapoza said...

Wooooooo, thanks for the suggestion Scott :O! I'll post that one up later. Hows it goin?