Monday, February 22, 2010

My Iphone App has been released!

Hey everybody! Got the confirmation a minute ago that my Artist Sketchbooks iphone App just got released! I'm super pumped, so if you got an iphone please check it out and support a David in need!

Click here to download!

So yea! I'm really happy with the way my illustrations look small :)! Nice and crisp! Hopefully enough of you guys actually have an iphone and can pick it up. I'd really appreciate it! Maybe sometime in the future if this sells well he'll ask me again.

I'll have a lot more stuff up soon, try and post some of the revamped unfinished images I worked up for the App. Basically went through my old posts and grabbed a bunch of sketches and polished em. Was cool to go back and fix the stuff that was bugging me.

The team over there at Imaginism are sending me some promo codes for free downloads. I'll try and find some way to give them out in the future! But yea, waiting on that email and in the meantime gonna spread this around like wiiilldd fire :O!

Again, thanks to everyone who picks it up! Really appreciate the support!

Metal? - Danger - "3h16"

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