Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lack of Updates Lately

Hey everybody! Just wanted to update on my current situation. Haven't been updating a whole lot lately... Been pretty absorbed in my current deadline, trying to wrap up everything I've been working on! Got a lot coming up though... Just did an interview with and have a workshop in IFX that I gotta start on... Hopefully I can just get through all my work and still stay focused on Crimson Daggers/interviews/downloads and the rest of the projects! so much to do!!!

The days gotta get longer real soon or i'm never gonna be able to see the sun again :(.

but yea, just checkin in for now... Should have something to show soon!

Stuff thats coming up -

Trevor Claxton - Senior Concept Artist @ CCP Games - Interview on Tuesday(3/9) @ 9am EST on the Crimson Daggers LiveStream.

Daarken - Freelance Illustrator/Concept artist @ Mythic Entertainment - Interview on Tuesday(3/16) @ 6pm EST on the Crimson Daggers LiveStream.


Luca said...

Yeah Dave, but at least I follow your updates everyday on the stream! :)

Let me know on which issue of IFX will you be feat. I buy that magazine when I know awesome artists will get featured. and you know what... the first issue I got was that of the great Kekai's workshop!! :D then that of Craig mullins interview and a couple others.

Anyways, thanks and see you tomorrow.

John Silva said...

Hey Dave, you gotta calm down your pace a bit and do one thing at a time or you'll lose everything, if you know what i mean?

Take care and see you tomorrow!

oren dotan said...

take your time on the more importants stuff like deadlines and the IFX workshop (can't wait to see it, when my issue will arrive :)) i'm sure the crimsons and all the others will understand, afterall you have to pay the bills. and don't wear yourself out too much, it's not good for the health.

btw I always suspected that you're some kind of vampire

take care